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14 août

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Fundamental Physics


This master degree proposes studies at a high level in microscopic physics. It represents a natural continuation of the first year master degree in fundamental physics at the University Toulouse. It is strongly based on the scientific know-how of the physics labs on the Toulouse University campus, specializing in atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics, solid state physics, and theoretical physics.

Starting 2012/13, part of this master will be taught in English. For more information, please contact the directors of the master program.

The program is designed to:

  • Strengthen and deepen the theoretical and methodological know-how of students
  • Develop specialized knowledge in direct relation with current research
  • Educate students through research and bring them up to the frontier of current research, allowing them in particular to continue with a PhD project.


1st semester -1st part: October-December

Students choose 4 subjects amongst the following core subjects (20h of lectures each, corresponding to 3 ECTS credits) OR 3 core subjects plus one subject from another speciality. In addition all students must take Scientific English.
  • Advanced quantum mechanics
  • Advanced statistical mechanics
  • Advanced solid state physics
  • Fundamental electronic interactions
  • Group theory and quantum moclecular dynamics
  • Interaction between radiation and matter
  • Scientific English

1st semester - 2nd part - December-March

Students choose 5 subjects amongst the following special topics (20h of lectures, 3 ECTS), OR 4 plus 1 subjects from another speciality

  • Molecular dynamics and interaction processes
  • Cluster physics
  • Electronic structure of molecules and solids
  • Magnetism and quantum fluids
  • Optics and transport in low-dimensional solids
  • Quantum theory of radiation
  • Applications of the interaction between radiation and matter
  • Recent developments in quantum mechanics
  • Out-of-equilibrium statistical physics
  • Advanced numerical methods

2nd semester - March-June

(4 months and 30 ECTS)

A 4 months research project in a laboratory. There is a very large choice of research projects in the different labs in Toulouse. Students may also choose to do their research project elsewhere in France or even abroad.

Career perspectives

In recent years, almost 100% of the students of this master program have obtained PhD grants for continuing their scientific studies in local, national or international research structures.

In its last evaluation, the "Agence d'Evaluation de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Supérieur", has rated the M2 PM master program as "A".

Last updated April 3, 2013


Prof. Aziz BOUCHENE, (person to contact) LCAR, IRSAMC, Université Paul Sabatier,, tel. 05 6155 6002, fax 05 6155 8317. Page web

Prof. Daniel BRAUN, LPT, IRSAMC, Université Paul Sabatier,, tel. 05 6155 6564, fax 05 6155 6065. Page web

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